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Build a juice bottle-based rig to carry two cameras

by warren | February 21, 2017 22:54 21 Feb 22:54 | #13945 | #13945

This (old) guide shows how to make a protective case large enough for two synchronized cameras, when you are taking infrared and regular photos from a balloon mapping setup.

(it was adapted from the Juice Jug Rig wiki page)image description

We'll be using 1 gallon Tropicana orange juice jugs

These are strong enough to protect the cameras, and long enough so that the lenses won't hit the ground if the whole thing drops.

They're also made of softer plastic which is easy to cut. They look ripe for decoration and it's healthier to guzzle a gallon of orange juice than Coca-Cola.

This uses a T-bracket with 1/4" holes to hold two cameras side by side -- they're attached on using short 1/4" x 20 (thread) bolts, though I used some with knurled caps to make them easy to tighten. image description

Start by slicing the bottom off of a 1 gallon Tropicana orange juice jug

Holding the rig upside down, lower the cameras into the bottom until they rest against the "shelf" formed by the handle.

Pull the tether string out through the mouth of the jug and, holding it taut, close the jar over the string. Center the string so that the jug hangs without tilting to one side.image description

The jug should be sturdy, but if you're worried, you can tie a second tether around the handle. Just don't stop the first tether from hanging straight or the whole rig will tilt to one side.

Be sure the camera lenses are recessed enough that if the whole thing hits the ground, they'll be out of danger. Try extending the lenses to check.image description

Ready to go

Swing it around a bit to check, and you're ready to go! image description

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