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Kayak Deployment on 8/7/2014

by walkerjeffd | August 11, 2014 18:17 11 Aug 18:17 | #11034 | #11034

walkerjeffd was awarded the Empiricism Barnstar by cfastie for their work in this research note.

What I want to do

This note serves two purposes.

First, this note demonstrates an approach to embedding external analyses in a PL research note using an iframe html tag. See this note for more on this idea, and why we did it.

Second, it summarizes a kayak deployment of a riffle-ito water quality sensor to collect temperature transects with an Arduino/GPS shield to log locations. The goal was primarily to test the enclosure and see how the riffle-ito performed in the field. I also tried to detect a temperature signature from a wastewater treatment outfall.

My attempt and results

The following is an embedded rmarkdown document that provides the data analysis. The data and source code for this analysis can be found on the Github Repo


Nice work Jeff! Hope to catch up next time you are in the Boston area. -Kevin

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