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And if I flip it over? Effects of a reversed polfilter on spectra.

by viechdokter | April 21, 2016 17:11 21 Apr 17:11 | #13011 | #13011

So, now for something interesting... I repeated the polfilter turning angle test - but this time with the polarizing filter flipped over. The first experiments I did with the polarizing filter put on top of the spectrometer the way you would screw it onto a camera. Now I put it on "backward" - with some interesting results!

Here are the curves:





As you can see, there are differences that are not explained with noise effects. However you define the 0° angle, the curves for 0° and 180° (in the plot blue and yellow) are different from the curves for 90° and 270° (in the plot red and green).

You can see it in all channels, although again, there is a lot more noise in the blue channel.

Here are the CSV's:


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