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Tech Learning as Radical, Queer, Femme, and Collective

by techlearningcollective | August 03, 2019 20:25 03 Aug 20:25 | #20403 | #20403

Hi Public Lab!

We are the Tech Learning Collective, a queer femme-led technology education collective based in New York City. Our website describes us as "an educational initiative run by radical queer and femme technologists offering unparalleled, low-cost computer classes primarily to marginalized groups and individuals who are politically engaged."

In practice, this means we run workshops across various venues in New York City, some paid and some by-donation, on topics ranging from physical lockpicking to using Tor and Tor Browser, to Open PGP, all the way to our Radical Infrastructures series, in which we introduce community organizing groups to setting up their own digital infrastructure to managing Free and Open Source applications. We also run longer form courses ranging from network engineering to system administration to cybersecurity.

We ally ourselves with myriad community organizing groups across the five Boroughs, and work closely with AnarchoTech NYC, who specifically publishes materials for self-organizing in a train-the-trainers type model. (Check out their Train the Trainers section on GitHub!)

We are excited to discover Public Lab for the first time and hope that we can contribute to meaningful praxis within and beyond New York City. Hello! :)


Really great to meet you! I'm in NYC also and am looking forward in connecting and learning more about your work!

Awesome to meet you too! We have a few upcoming workshops if you're interested!

Looking forward to connecting!

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Hello! I'm also in NYC and would love to connect. @bronwen and I work out of the New Lab at the Navy Yards, be happy to have you swing by anytime. Also, we have an open call every Tuesday at 3pm ET on Zoom here and we take notes in this pad: -- any chance that time works for one or some of you to stop in virtually and say hello?

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I'm not on here much, but really happy you posted! Really excited about the "Fire on the Wire" repository, as I've had to piece together my own knowledge on digital autonomy from disparate sources that do not necessarily align to my ideals. Looking forward to digging in.

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