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Week 5 Fellowship Update

by stevie , rollinrenola | November 01, 2019 18:54 01 Nov 18:54 | #21369 | #21369

_Posting the Week 5 Fellowship update on behalf of Rollin Black:_

Next two weeks ( October 21st- November 4th)

1. Collect water and soil samples from parts of St Bernard and Orleans Parish

2. Stop by public lab office for tabling handouts

3. Tabling for 0ctober 26th coastal restoration event

4. Test water and Soil samples at tabling event

5. outreach for community members to attend October event

6.HBCU CCC Panel Presentation November 15th 10:30 - 10:45

7.Create name of presentation name

8.Build 15 min power point presentation

9.Submit power point by Nov. 4th


  • We will compare the water quality of a number of samples from in and around the Lower Ninth Ward, and see how readings from a few different sensors compare to each other.
  • This event will allow Community members to meet the the public Lab Fellows


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