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Community Science Oil and Gas Fellowship

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Public Lab and Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) are offering a joint fellowship opportunity for an individual to work on community science projects related to oil and gas monitoring and reporting.

When: October 1- Dec 15th, 2018 Where: New Orleans Commitment: roughly 20 hours/week (200 hours over approx. 8-12 weeks) Fellowship Stipend: $2,500

The Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (Public Lab) is a community, supported by a 501(c)(3) non-profit--which develops and applies open-source tools to environmental exploration and investigation. By democratizing inexpensive and accessible Do-it-Yourself techniques, Public Lab creates a collaborative network of practitioners who actively re-imagine the human relationship with the environment.

Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) is a diverse coalition of thousands of individual citizens and local, regional, and national organizations committed to uniting and empowering people to protect and restore the resources of the Gulf of Mexico.

###Fellowship Summary The two major goals of this fellowship are:

  1. To organize and run workshops on monitoring and reporting techniques with community members concerned with the proposed and constructed pipeline routes in South Louisiana.
  2. To share community science methodology more broadly by engaging people online through posts on and through communication channels exercised by GRN.

The Fellow will:

  • Organize and run two community trainings on monitoring oil and gas pipelines.
  • Post materials to Public Lab on how to monitor and report environmental violations along pipelines crosspost to when appropriate.
  • Engage the broader Public Lab community on questions and resources related to monitoring violations and oil and gas development activities.
  • Develop fact sheets regarding the impacts of pipeline construction and operation.
  • Assist in collecting community-gathered data on pipeline impacts and develop a summary of these data for public distribution.
  • Host a Public Lab OpenHour on monitoring and reporting on pipeline issues.
  • Assist in scoping and outreach for community groups in Terrebonne, Plaquemines, Jefferson, and St Bernard Parishes interested in working on pipeline monitoring.
  • Attend a weekly Public Lab staff call.
  • Work 10/hour week in the Public Lab office, and 10/hour week in the Gulf Restoration Network office (hours may flex based on workshop schedules).
  • Maintain and adhere to nonprofit GRN and Public Lab policies and procedures, and the Public Lab Code of Conduct.

Skills, knowledge, and abilities required:

  • Excellent communication skills in online, written, and verbal formats;
  • Ability to work collaboratively, both in-person and with remote colleagues, to envision and promote positive change, and to be supportive of others;
  • Ability to facilitate activities amongst a highly diverse community of people from many different fields and experience sets;
  • Technical proficiency (with full support from colleagues)--ability to learn, disseminate, and teach about technology and reporting in the context of advocacy.

To Apply: Send a resume and the answers to the below questions in a single document to by September 14th. No phone calls please.

1.) Why are you interested in this fellowship? What about working on oil and gas issues in the Gulf Coast intrigues you?

2.) How would your past experiences benefit your work as a fellow?

3.) If awarded the fellowship, what would you hope to learn, and what would you hope to accomplish?

4.) What's your connection to the Gulf of Mexico? Why do you want to work in the Gulf South?

Gulf Restoration Network and Public Lab are equal opportunity employers committed to a diverse, multicultural work environment. We encourage people with different ability sets, people of color, and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions, and identities to apply.




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