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Deer Park, TX Chemical Storage Tank Fire

by stevie | August 23, 2019 17:04 23 Aug 17:04 | #20638 | #20638

@Stevie is posting on behalf of Jana, a Deer Park, TX resident

Lead photo from David J. Phillip, STF / Associated Press found on the Houston Chronicle


In March there was a release of toxins from the ITC terminal storage plant in the middle of petrochemical industry outside Houston in the Deer Park neighborhood. There was a big fire. I live in Deer Park and on Sunday I heard the shelter in place alarm go off, we closed the windows and made sure the AC is off. One storage tank caught fire and it spread to several others. There was a lot of smoke that drifted over the city of Houston. The facts around the ITC fire and further developments can be found by going to the Houston Chronicle's online site and searching "ITC fire." At this time there are over two dozen articles available.

My main concern:

The monitors in place did not work during this release. We found out there was also a water release that went into the shipping channel. When we called the city, they don't know what the releases were.

The citizenry here feels that we need to take this into our own hands. The word is that the monitors "failed". Harris County Commissioners had monitors that said the levels hadn't reached level that would be toxic to human beings during any of that release, but we are skeptical.

Who is engaged in this concern?

I am a resident of Deer Park, TX. On the Sunday morning of the ITC plant fire I heard an area-wide alarm go off. We know this means to make sure all windows and doors of the house are closed, air conditioning is turned off, and no one should be outside. I believe there were also texts and phone calls from the city on the automated system to alert residents that this was a Shelter in Place event.

I learned from the organization Sunrise Movement about Public Lab.

What are the initial questions?

My call is to ask about the possibility of citizens in risky areas acquiring phone apps or other inexpensive devices to warn of air borne toxins.


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