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Gulf Coast: Build your own spectrometer event!

by stevie | March 05, 2015 18:38 05 Mar 18:38 | #11657 | #11657

Public Lab and IDIYA are hosting a “Build your own spectrometer” event!

Colored light is given off from all materials and is often a blend of different colors. A spectrometer is a device which splits those colors apart, like a prism, and measures the strength of each color. Spectrometers can be useful in examining everything from the make up of your beer, to oil testing and food grade sampling. Spectrometers tend to have price tags in the thousands, far too expensive for most of us. However, at this event you will you will not only learn how to use a spectrometer, but make one yourself with a Public Lab Spectrometer Kit.

We are offering attendees a discount on the Public Lab Spectrometer Kit. Sold online for $45 (plus shipping), we will offer the new kit for $35. Kits and registration is limited. Register at IDIYA and reserve your kit.

When: Thursday, April 1st, 6:30-9pm
Where: IDIYA: 2705 S. Broad Street New Orleans
What to Bring: A computer!

Event Includes:
- A workshop on kit assembly and uses,
- Discount on Public Lab's new Spectrometer Kit and
- Dinner.

For more information on:
- What is a spectrometer?
- What is in the Spectrometer Kit and what are some examples of ways people use the spectrometer?


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