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Bayou Sauvage Draeger tubes after 8 hours

by Shannon | August 03, 2012 00:48 03 Aug 00:48 | #3099 | #3099

Images above are of closest weather station from 8/2/12

Went out at 9am this morning to set-up the second photostrip test in Bayou Sauvage, Louisiana with Scott Eustis and Zoe Sullivan. This note is about the Draeger tubes, someone will post a note on the test itself in the next day or so.

No changes to coloring on any of the Draeger tubes on the 6 poles after 8 hours. The instruction sheet said to leave them out for a max of 8 hours. We're trying poles 3 and 4 for 24 hours and poles 5 and 6 for 4 days. The paper in the canisters hasn't been processed yet, will be interesting to see if there are similar results.

Pole 1 had one canister with 1 hole and one with 3 holes: Draeger tube from pole 1 after 8 hours

Pole 2 had one canister with 1 hole and one with the cap off: Pole 2 8 hours

Poles 1 and 2 were removed from the marsh at 5pm today after being put in at 9am this morning.

Pole 3: Pole 3 8 hours

Pole 4: Pole 4 8 hours

Pole 5: Pole 5 8 hours

Pole 6: Pole 6 8hours

On page 35 of this manual ( there are some points about evaluating the tubes. The tubes for this test were in sun (although it was a bit overcast today). Maybe we'll have to make some sun shade for them for next time. Also, I didn't compare them with an unused tube as Scott has the remaining four, but I held them against the tube backing and paper and there was no discoloration to the tube. It also says to watch the tube the entire time of use, but I didn't sit in the marsh for 8 hours (20 minutes and the three of us cumulatively had about 200 mosquito bites) and it also seems strange that if we're testing for H2S it would require us to sit and watch tubes that are going to tell us if a highly toxic substance is present. Anyways, things to think about.


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