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Air Column Monitor EcoHack video

by Shannon | May 25, 2012 18:03 25 May 18:03 | #2204 | #2204

Video from Cosm on the Public Lab and AirQualityEgg community collaboration on developing the air column monitor:

"Open-source #AirQualityEgg takes a ride on a balloon A few weeks ago at EcoHackNYC, held at Parsons University, some of us from the AirQualityEgg community had the chance to collaborate with Public Laboratory to develop a prototype of a tool to sample and visualize air quality in a vertical column. This has potential uses for monitoring how pollution varies over different heights in a city and also potentially for helping to collect evidence about pollution sources affecting refinery communities. This is the type of work that open source hardware designs can facilitate, quickly enabling people to build devices that can collect data about the environment that is important to them."


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