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Anticipating sea-level rise in Louisiana

by Shannon | February 08, 2012 15:28 08 Feb 15:28 | #763 | #763

Louisiana officials establish formula for anticipating sea-level rise:

"State coastal restoration and levee projects should be designed to anticipate an average 3.3 feet increase in sea level over the next 100 years, according to a new Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority report. But the project designs must also consider whether changing circumstances, including a reduction in the speed in which coastal land is sinking or a possible catastrophic increase in atmospheric temperatures, could produce sea levels rises of only 1.6 feet or as high as 4.9 feet by 2112."


i commented on this for GRN. basically, it's a really optimistic estimate of SLR. Patty Glick's SLAMM paper on Coastal LA for NWF uses better estimates, in my opinion.

hopefully, the links work in this pdf

you want my personal opinion, scientists working for CPRA 1) generally not PhD

2) ideologically silenced about climate change--Kirk Rhinehart: "We just didn't think about it. There was no political pressure."

3) challenged by the fact that running the regular estimates of sea level rise into their planning models render $50 billion of Coastal Restoration money moot (speculation). They can't build land that lasts should climate change raise sea level to 1.9m by 2100, and that scares them.

They might have to advocate against fossil fuels to protect coastal restoration. it's the kind of thought that is impossible to have while a Louisiana governmental employee.

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