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A Day in the Life of LDI

by sashadev-sky | August 11, 2019 01:17 11 Aug 01:17 | #20498 | #20498

During the development process, we add a lot of gifs on our PRs to better document the changes we implement. I figured rather than writing about developments in LDI, I can use the gifs to show them.

Due to file size restrictions - here is a very small hype video made of a compilation of some of the gifs created by the PL development team along the way.

image description

This pocket size clip highlights some of the features recently created, and still in creation, by the Leaflet.DistortableImage and Mapknitter development team (2019). All of the developers have a lot of fun working on these features and collaborating with each other.


Thanks to

@jywarren - Jeff, Public Lab co-founder @icarito - Long time sys-admin @rexagod - Pranshu, develops our JavaScript dark arts and loves complex algorithms @divyabaid16 & @cesswairimu - our Ruby on Rails artisans. Build out front and back-end core MapKnitter features @ViditChitkara - 2-time Google Summer of Coder for the Public Lab team. Currently developing synchronous features for collaborative map creation @alaxalves & @kaustubh-nair - DevOps wonder team. Improving the project development experience from initial installation to project publishing. @sagarpreet-chadha - upstream maintainer for Leaflet.EnvironmentalLayers @gauravano - Gauravano develops and most recently, is a community coordinator - keeping us organized and collaborative @molangmuir10 - tests and evaluates our UI. Keeps the MapKnitter interface functional.

Love this!!!! ❤️

This is lovely, Sasha!! ❤️ Thanks for helping me out always 😃 😃

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Thank you @sashadev-sky - Sasha, an energetic and great developer, maintains Leaflet.DistortableImage and Mapknitter, but helps everyone throughout the organization 😃

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