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H2S strips batch 2: New Mexico

by sara | July 29, 2012 21:09 29 Jul 21:09 | #3011 | #3011

On thursday the 19 of July, I made a second batch of H2S for use in New Mexico. I followed the how to guide protocol. I opted not to add salt to the mixture. I made 31 canisters with small strips and a 20 more strips that can be cut up into strips for the canisters. I've attached some pictures on making the 50/50 water, glycerol mix. I made 1000 ml of total solution, with 500 mls of water and 50 mls of glycerol. I added 5 drops of photoflo and mixed the solution thoroughly. I then placed the pre cut strips into a dish filled with a solution, five at a time.

This is the same batch of paper that we used for the first batch. So there should be equivalance in terms of paper between the tests being done in San Francisco, Louisiana and New Mexico. The picture quality is poor because I was taking photos in the dark room.


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