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Bayou Savage Results 2: degree of canister openness

by sara | July 18, 2012 22:55 18 Jul 22:55 | #2867 | #2867

Scott made a set of predictions about the impact of openness of the canisters on results from the test strips:

The results seem to concur with his predictions. Scott and Shannon what do you make of these?

I am working on scanning each sample and will post a note later tonight showing the results based on the second set of predictions.


what this says, to me, is that height of the canisters is irrelevant in the conditions the test was in.

that is the take away for matthew--we can capture all the variability without varying height.

We might next try to vary the samples in time.

I think a 5 foot height most approximates a nose, yes? let's just make all the samples human height going forward.

i may check on that weather record, to see whether there was no wind. perhaps, under more windy conditions, we would not see this result.


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