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Materials for Copper Pipe work

by sara | May 02, 2012 14:35 02 May 14:35 | #1887 | #1887

I picked up two different kinds of copper pipe and pipe cutter to start making copper pipe test strips to try in the lab. The plan is to cut them into 6 inch lengths and flatten one end and drill a mounting hole. Before we are ready to test them, they will need to be sanded in the middle according to directions from Lionel Milberger.

He describes the protocol in the fourth picture of the gallery, and the third image is his design diagram. This information is from materials he mailed about how to try out this method.

Further research needs to be done on the composition of the Blue and Red type coppers. The goal with picking these two is they are affordable and easily accessible across the U.S. so if we can standardize the test with one of these pipes, many people will be able to pick them up and use them.


We have marked the L type copper pipes with black tape.

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