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Making Glycerol Solution for H2S film Assay

by sara | March 29, 2012 16:32 29 Mar 16:32 | #1579 | #1579

I realized none of our notes so far cover how to make the glycerol solution, here is that protocol:

1) Wear plastic gloves and use tongs while making this mixture and handling the strips. Work in a room with good ventilation.

2) Make a 50/50 mix of water and glycerol in a tray Add 5 gram of Sodium Chloride (optional) Add 5 drops of surfactant Kodak Photoflo 200. (MSDS for Kodak Photo Flo 200)

3) In a dark room, use tongs to place the cut strips of photopaper into this mixture for five minutes

4) Remove the strips with tongs and place them on paper towels to dry for five minutes

5) Then leave them to dry in a dark room for twelve hours (we have been hanging them using clothes pins)

6) After 12 hours, in the dark room place the strips with tongs into containers for testing.

7) Waste Disposal: If you are working in a school or professional darkroom, follow their procedures for safe disposal of the Photo Flo Mixture. If you are setting up your own darkroom, contact a local photography store or darkroom or local officials to discuss safe disposal of the mixture and the fixative solution you will make to fix the strips upon completion.

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