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Social and Community Impact of Oil & Gas Infastructure

by rollinrenola | January 14, 2020 09:10 14 Jan 09:10 | #22306 | #22306

Social and Community Impact of Oil & Gas Infrastructure Survey

Chalmette Refining was built in 1915 it is one of a few refineries built just upstream from New Orleans lower 9th ward. PBF Energy which is based in New Jersey currently owns the 189,000 barrel day facility, which also houses pipelines and other assets on that site. Over the years the company has committed to continued safety and environmentally responsible operations but some residence within only a few miles of the site have been feeling that standards of state and local governments can not be trusted.

This Survey will give insight into the lives of a few local New Orleans residents whom have had to deal with of the negative effects of Oil & Gas pollution in their community. Most of these residents have lived in this area for decades, but up until more resident times they have noticed or questioned how much drinking water and air quality has changed. Community members seem to have had no knowledge of the amounts heavy of pollutants that have circulated into neighborhood drinking water and the air that they breath. The individuals who have taken this survey have grown a strong interest in learning more about the Oil & Gas infrastructure. The survey targets residents of New Orleans which includes ages ranging from 20-45, unemployed, college students, and seniors, all seem to have the same political views.

The methodology of this survey is to give residents, state and local officials, and Public Lab some idea as to how approach the needs of this community. Survey takers have grown a new interest in wanting to know how they can play a bigger role in Community Science while also pushing leaders to give underserved communities more insight into what environmental issue could be affecting their day to day activities .



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