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Cardboard Foldable KAP Rig

by ranon | June 14, 2016 19:17 14 Jun 19:17 | #13196 | #13196

How could cardboard be used in construction?

I have begun to think about the possibility of using folded cardboard as a material for building KAP rigging, as a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative to other materials such as metal or plastic.


The goal of this is to explore the capabilities of cardboard as a structural material, and also the possibility of integrating a foldable rig into shipping boxes which can be repurposed as KAP rigs.


This small mockup illustrates how it is folded, along with the original cutout pattern. IMG_1070.JPG

Using the pattern from the small scale mockup, I made a full scale cardboard mockup. IMG_1071.JPG

Current issues with the cardboard model include the structural integrity of the legs, which have a tendency to spread outward on impact.

Also, the corrugation pattern on the legs is running in the wrong direction for providing support. By cutting out and inserting the legs separately from the main pattern, I think the structure could be made to withstand enough impact to protect the camera.

Also, I have used tape to connect the tabs around the top, but if they could be folded into the body, it could be constructed entirely without the need for any additional materials.

Your thoughts

For those interested in low-cost KAP rigging, what are your thoughts on using folded cardboard as a material?


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