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Atomic Emission Spectrums

by programmer1200 | February 24, 2018 16:23 24 Feb 16:23 | #15810 | #15810

I've been very interested in finding trace elements in both water and air samples using the spectrometer and its good to have a the spectrum for each element so you can do comparison to the results of the spectrometer. Penn State has an interactive website with a periodic table that you can hit each element and it will bring up the spectrum.Although this is very useful , you have to connected to the internet to interact with it , their is no download option or offline option. So to solve this issue I downloaded the entire content of the website and brought this information to a PDF form where each spectrum is labeled with the Element. I hope some people find this useful.

Penn University Website Link :

Here is a link to my Dropbox PDF file :


It's very useful. Thank you for the information.

Atomic emission is good, but for maximum sensitivity, you need variations. These are atomic absorption, which requires an extra lamp specific to each element, or something like inductively coupled plasma ( icp). ICP takes a lot of extra equipment. The cost for ICP is probably very high.

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Yah I know but some might like comparing their spectrometer results to this data . I've had some luck with analyzing a mercury based lamp with this data. The spectrum from the lamp is pretty close to the spectrum in the data. If not its pretty cool to have on the book shelf :)

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Yeah, I'm still old school. That paper is the way for me!

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