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Initial results: Using PTLens to correct fisheye effect in PL Mobius Infragram Point and Shoot

by patcoyle | November 27, 2014 02:04 27 Nov 02:04 | #11407 | #11407

What I want to do

Correct fisheye effect in images from PL Mobius Infragram Point and Shoot. One tool is PTLens ($25).

My attempt and results

Based on conversation with Stewart Long and his experience with GoPros, I used my neighbor's garage door to provide an image with a grid feature. I then used the 10-free-image trial version of PTLens to apply fisheye correction and crop the images. Used Adobe PS to make a panorama from the infrablue images. Used Ned Horning's Fiji Photomonitoring plugin to process the infrablue panorama to NDVI. Screenshot of PTLens with settings used


Contact sheet of before and after images


PS automerged panoramas: infrablue


Floating Point ndvi


Color ndvi


Questions and next steps

Explore settings and use of the PTLens software. Explore other software solutions to address the fisheye effect. Consider replacement lens options for the Mobius.

Why I'm interested

The fisheye distorted images are difficult to stitch into maps.


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