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video - November 2-4, 2012, PLOTS Barnraising, Cocodrie, LA at LUMCON

by patcoyle | November 24, 2012 07:24 24 Nov 07:24 | #5013 | #5013

The playlist included on the wiki page now has most of the video snippets (~58 clips, ~3 hours 30 minutes). A few are still uploading and some may need to be re-uploaded.

They are at:

I really enjoyed going through the footage. While these are basically snapshot quality video, there is a lot of really great content in them. The snippet titles are intended to convey what the segment is about.

If there is anything you want taken down, please let me know the specifics in enough detail to make the edit and I will do so.

As I noted on the wiki page, Caterina and Cindy, if there is any of this you want for your professional videos, let me know, so we can see how to share the source video files.

Thanks for the wonderful experience.


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