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Event: Oct 24, 2018 Crowdsourcing Stormwater Solutions at The Nature Conservancy

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Take on the NYC Stormwater Design Challenge!

Join the Nature Conservancy, Decision Fish, Clicksuasion Labs and participants from the ideas42 2018 Behavioral Summit as we join forces in our inaugural Design Challenge -- the goal is to brainstorm ideas that use behavioral science to improve New York City's approach to stormwater management.

Stormwater is a major water pollution source and is the only growing source of pollution in New York and many parts of the country. In older cities like New York, where raw sewage and stormwater are collected in the same pipes and transported to wastewater treatment plants, rain events or snow melts can overwhelm the water collection and treatment systems. This can lead to raw sewage flowing into surrounding rivers and lakes. This is a huge water quality and health hazard.

There are innovative "green" infrastructure solutions that use vegetated features such as green roofs and rain gardens to intercept and treat stormwater before it enters any pipes. These are much less costly than "gray" infrastructure alternatives such as new sewers. Cities incentivize private landowners to host such green infrastructure solutions, but often with little take-up. How can we get more private landowners to participate?

Panelists (Invited):
Annie Duke, Author, Professional Speaker & Decision Strategist
Caroline Bauer, Design Studio Manager, NYC Mayors Office for Economic Opportunity
Erin Sherman, Senior Associate, ideas42
Elizabeth Smith, Environmental Economist at The Nature Conservancy


By attending this event, you agree to be photographed, recorded and/or filmed and give permission to use your likeness on the Clicksuasion podcast and in promotional and/or marketing materials of the companies listed above. Organizers retain the right to adjust attendance and waitlists based on responses as needed.


Exciting event! Thanks for posting! Where is the location and what is the time for this October 24 event?

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Oops! I forgot to post the link! Signup and event details here:

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