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Balloon kit tips

by natevw | April 10, 2012 02:40 10 Apr 02:40 | #1636 | #1636

I've posted a big brain dump of tips/tricks I've discovered so far in using the Kickstarter balloon kit. Covered a bit more on helium, what I found works for overall rigging, and some random software tips for the gadgets I've flown so far.

Hope no one feels like they have to follow it to the letter, but figured I'd gather up a bunch of what I had to learn in case it helps other brand new balloonists.


Nice writeup, thanks for documenting your CDHK modification too!

I know you're using CDHK, but if you're going to use the rubber band method, I'd recommend a knot instead of a rock. Some people also use Q-tips, but a knot is handier.

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