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Demo for leaflet-blurred-location

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This library will be used to geo-tag the research notes, it comes with a co-ordinated graticule which would help to find events happening nearby. There are several functions associated with this library, all of them can be found in the docs. I am posting a screenshot of the working library here and will give the link too. All the input listeners are integrated with the leaflet map, so feel free to play around. Any form of feedback would be well appreciated.

The link for the current repo is:

The working demo can be found at:

The documentation can be found here:


Very exciting @mridulnagpal !!!

This demo is amazing! I just "test drove" it.

The auto-updating readout of the text description of the place is amazing, at least around my neighborhood in brooklyn. I like that it prints a selection of street names with the result that it sounds general: "Williamsburg Bridge & Havemeyer St & S 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA". I see that on most other quadrants over Brooklyn it prints out an actual street address, such as "20 Mauer Street". When we're working with the checkbox checked for "blur my location", is there a way to not print an exact building number?

I noticed that the map can be zoomed in quite far. This is an amazing feature that also makes me wonder if the precision of saved coordinates depends on the zoom level, and if so, will people understand that it is their choice of where the map is zoomed that will set the level of precision VS blurring?

I am really impressed with everything you have done here!!!! Thank you so much.

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This is sooo great! I'm really impressed. Thanks for sharing the demo.

@liz There is an issue posted which I am working on currently which would show the location according to the precision set, for example when you are zoomed out and precision is 0, the text box will only show the country name and as we zoom in the state, city, etc. will be displayed. Here's the link for the issue Feel free to have a look :)

@stevie Thanks alot

Re: Liz's 2nd question, what if we had a very brief text label in the example form that said, perhaps:

Your exact location won't be posted, only the grid square it falls within will be shown. Zoom out to make it harder to tell exactly where your location is. Read more about this privacy system

What do you think?

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Made an issue for that last one!

@mridulnagpal - did you see my comment? I think we're close to a followup demo!

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@warren got it, also looked at the issue working on it!

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