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Printable 3D Spectometer

by mdiego2798 | December 08, 2021 12:31 08 Dec 12:31 | #28341 | #28341

image description

This spectrometer has been designed to be created without glue or scotch tape for the main structure.

All the files can be printed without support to improve the print quality.

The use of tape or glue is strongly suggested for attaching the spectrometer to your camera, to improve the quality of the image and the calibration.

Insert the fragment of DVD between the roof and the mask, force the two parts to stick together, then stick the base with the roof and the job is done.

Hope this could be helpful!

Base: Base.stl

Roof: Mask.stl

Mask: Tetto_spettroscopio.stl

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Very neat, thanks so much for sharing @mdiego2798! Is there any chance you have a picture of the assembled spec?

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Of course, sorry I didn't think about that. I just uploaded a couple of pictures of the spectrometer to help. As soon as possible I'll try to upload the spec too.

Oh no worries at all, @mdiego2798, thanks for the photos, they are helpful! Looking forward to seeing the spectra you're getting 😃

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Thanks this is great! thank you @mdiego2798

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