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Call for Proposals: Outreachy Winter 2021

by mathildaudufo , itm2017004 , liz , warren | October 18, 2021 06:45 18 Oct 06:45 | #27925 | #27925

Outreachy Winter 2021

We are participating in Outreachy winter program 2021. Outreachy internships are 3 months long. Interns are paid an internship stipend of $6,000 USD. Interns work with experienced mentors from open source communities.

We've done Outreachy for 4 years now. Outreachy explains that:-

Anyone who faces under-representation, systemic bias, or discrimination in the technology industry of their country is invited to apply.

So, we're asking applicants to start posting their proposals for comment, here. Read on!


Outreachy applications will close on Nov 5, 2021 at 4 pm UTC. View full timeline.


  1. Rebuilding Spectral Workbench capture and analysis interface
  2. Refine the Public Lab Rich Editor

Read proposal ideas

Once you've gotten a bit familiar with our project see our welcome page here please feel free to ask questions in the comments below, or to join our chat channel at https://publiclab/chat

Our welcoming page will help you understand how we collaborate, and we'll be there to help you take your first step. And try tackling a first-timers-only issue, to get an idea of how to become a contributor!

Also, read this page carefully to understand our workflow and how we structure summer of code projects:

Please ask questions! We're very friendly and we love welcoming new people into our community.

Post a proposal for comment

Once you've read through some of these ideas and become a bit more familiar with our projects, it's time to post a proposal of your own.

You don't need to have a complete or even concrete idea -- share your thoughts early and we'll help you refine your proposal, and help you choose something that's the right difficulty level as well as being something our project really needs.

We've created a template for you to post a proposal here. Click here to begin:

Start drafting a proposal

Read other proposals

Before or after you post your own draft, read through others' listed below. Your best comments and input may come from other applicants!

Also see summer proposals here



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Nothing yet on the topic "soc-winter-2021" -- be the first to post something!

Please ask questions! We're very friendly and we love welcoming new people into our community.

Post your response Help out by offering feedback!


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If you have a proposal up and it's not appearing here, please reach out and we can get it tagged properly so it does. Thank you!

Final proposals are due Nov 5, so we prefer to see them early so we can help you refine them!

And we are most of all looking for a plan around how you'll do the work described; we are open to new ideas but definitely want to hear that you've thought through how the ones we already have described will get completed and when. You can list your unknowns, your questions, your process, in the proposal, and we love to see that!

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Hi Contributors!! I want to add some information regarding the project of the Public lab "Spectral Workbench". Spectral Workbench is a separate Rails app at, but it's linked in to share the same login system as, since it's a specialty tool for users in our community and we didn't want separate logins. And, it has its own pure JavaScript library containing much of the complex part of the UI and front-end, at, which is an NPM module too, and that is "installed" into the Rails app, so as to keep the JavaScript and Ruby code distinct. I hope it helps you when you start contributing to this project. Thanks! Happy Coding!

thank you for sharing this helpful information!

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Hi all, i had a good question on DM in Gitter chat I wanted to share:

does it mean that to effect changes on the (online editor) we only make code contributions to the publiclab/plots2 repo and not publiclab/publiclab.Editor repo?

Hi, actually it's the other way around - first changes are made to PublicLab.Editor (, then it's published on the NPM registry at then it will be pulled in via the semantic versioning matching rules ( into plots2 then published to the live site there are a number of steps along the way but that's the flow. good question!

and, the HTML is on publiclab.Editor's examples folder, but then those HTML changes (if any) have to be copied into the real code in plots2. But HTML changes are relatively rare because they are usually by definition breaking changes if they require a "downstream" library to change in order to remain compatible with the new version of the Editor library.

Is this a question? Click here to post it to the Questions page.

In followup to this -- For example, to change the styling of a button, it depends on if the appearance in plots2 is relying on CSS that's in the Editor library, or if it's customized in plots2.

You can use the Chrome dev tools to see where the CSS rules are coming from. While running in development mode in plots2, if they're from /public/lib/publiclab-editor/dist/___.css or something like that, they're from the Editor library. But if they're from /app/assets/stylesheets/editor.css (or something like that) they're part of the Rails app's custom styling. Complex, but I hope that makes sense!

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And just a note - its' OK if the version posted to Outreachy doesn't exactly match what you post to our website. We'll be mostly reading the one on our website -- and it's fine if the one on our website continues to evolve a bit. For example, if you respond with new info in the comments under your post, it's not completely necessary to add that to the version you post to Outreachy, esp. if it's just clarifying something. Just be sure to make the Outreachy deadline, that's more formal! Thanks!

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