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Thermal Flashlight as Power Ring

by mathew | June 13, 2012 23:29 13 Jun 23:29 | #2478 | #2478

This is a page out of my sketch book-- introducing the idea for thermal flashlight packaging, as well as an alternate method of setting the temperature range, so no re-programming is needed. These features could be added to the surface mount design in progress.

The idea is to include a multi-position switch on the circuit which can be used to set the temperature range. A further idea was to synch the circuit with the computer/video recording of the thermal flashlight by sending out a different rhythmic flashing depending on where the range is set, simply by pushing a range selection button. That way, an operator can use the thermal flashlight wihtout having to record the range it is used in, since that will be a part of the record.

And of course, it should be mounted as a ring because power rings are sweet and if we're going to get kids to do thermal mapping of houses, the equipment should be 1) not easily dropped, and 2) inherently awesome.


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