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mapping offshore rigs near Rio, especially in the Campos basin

by marlokeno | March 21, 2014 14:27 21 Mar 14:27 | #10211 | #10211

What I want to do Map offshore oil rigs

My attempt and results l've been making a list of offshore supply vessels and big anchor handling vessels and gathering AIS data that I can get without a subscrition.

Also, last week I found a website that gives weekly reports of mobile drilling units' location,using a variety of sources, such as mariner's reports.

An interesting side note: Brasil has 4 or 5 pollution control vessels, all named Mar Limpo *. About a month ago, they changed their classification from "polluton control" to "fire fighting."

Questions and next steps

My intent is to use this as a resource for keeping an eye on pollution of the sea by brasil

Why I'm interested

I was curious about brasil because of all the new pre-salt drilling, Chevron's pollution, and the defective undersea pipeline built by BP. The newest map I could find was from 2011.

Also, I began this to learn mapping skills for shipping LNG, Bakken and Alberta oil on Lake Superior in order to have some data in case of pollution there. (Superior's port isn't open yet; the Coast Guard started ice breaking about a week ago, reporting the ice to be 44" thick- the entire lake surface froze this winter. This area around Superior is a bottleneck in the Mississippi migratory flyway, as the lake is narrowest there.)


Hi Marlokeno, sounds like a great project! Have you made any progress?

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Sadly, no progress. In May, malware infested my computer, and, when I started removing the malware, it destroyed my files-and also put passwords on the BIOS. Most were backed up, and I used a couple of hard disk utilities to get a lot back. Long story and several reinstalls of the os, Windows 7, the malware shows up, trying to conceal itself, in the installation files. If you use windows, and I had to for several reasons, I advise getting rid of all sqm files, which are microsoft's service quality monitors.

the spreadsheet files are gone, excepting those I put on the google app fusion, which maps very well if you concatenate xlsx latitude and longitude.

I'm kicking myself for not backing up the data. I'm using a chromebook right now. And I'm discouraged.


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