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Public Lab to participate in IDEAS CITY with Kickstarter

by liz | March 14, 2013 22:25 14 Mar 22:25 | #6343 | #6343

We have been invited to join Kickstarter during the New Museum's IDEAS CITY festival, May 1-4. The Public Lab blimp with our logo will be floating high above the festival! Please let me know if you are interested in leading the crew.

To start the day, we are planning to crowd-assemble a rig like Oscar did during May Day , perhaps in Kickstarter colors -- green, black, and white!

With the crowd assembled rig, we will do three daily festival mapping excursions at 11am, 1pm, 3pm. After each run, images will be brought back to the tent, and uploaded for stitching. All day in the tent we will be demonstrating how to stitch images together into maps using We will have two monitors -- one where people can browse the images, and the other set up as a stitching station. The back of our booth (6' wide) will be covered with Grassroots Mapping Forums and other cool maps and sketches.

Kickstarter is covering the costs of materials and transportation. In speaking with Kickstarter, I learned that they use Public Lab as an example when making presentations to other non-profits about how they could use Kickstarter to build community. Neat!


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