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Make the most basic github contribution

by liz | November 02, 2016 19:09 02 Nov 19:09 | #13672 | #13672

This activity is for anyone who is looking to contribute to Public Lab software without using a command line or having any special computer or setup. This approach works as long as your changes are simple -- this works best for just changes to text or HTML, not executable code.

1. Get a [Github account](

2. Visit the repository (such as you want to contribute to, and **fork it** with the button to the upper right.

3. Find the file you want to edit in your own fork. It'll be on a page (this won't exist until you fork) at a URL like `<yournamehere>/plots2/blob/master/app/views/layouts/_header.html.erb`, but you could navigate to it through Github's file browsing interface as well.

4. Press the pencil button in the upper right:


5. Edit the code, then below, create a pull request with your new change (give it a name like 'yourname-header-tweaks'):


At this point, we'll see your pull request, provide feedback, test it out, and hopefully integrate it. Things may get more complex, but this is a great starting point. As a next step, check out Github's own really great tutorial, located at :D

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