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Invite someone to translate on Transifex (managers)

by liz | October 26, 2016 14:52 26 Oct 14:52 | #13649 | #13649

This activity is for managers of Public Lab's Transifex project. Please leave a comment if you would like to help manage this project. When you have completed this activity, you will know how to invite a new person into Transifex, and you will know what that person will be emailed from the Transifex platform.

  1. Check out to learn that Transifex is a "localization platform for translating digital content". Transifex itself is not open source, but their free service helps coordinate people who speak multiple languages to translate open source projects.

  2. Log in to Transifex and navigate to

  3. Click the button "Invite Collaborators"

image description

4. in the popup window, at first only the first two fields will be visible: Fill out the email address either from your own address book, making sure to notice the autosuggestions because someone might already have a transifex account. Choose the role, usually either "translator" or, once there's some progress already made, "reviewer".

Then, the bottom two fields will appear, choose team as " Website team" and select language. Click the button to Send Invitation. image description

5. Here's what the email invitation looks like that your invitee will receive: image description

6. When the person clicks "Accept Invitation" This is what they see on -- who the coordinator(s) are, who the reviewer(s) are, and who the other translator(s) are.

image description

7. This is what the 2nd confirmatory email looks like:


8. This is what the 3rd confirmatory email looks like:


7. This is the end of this activity, look out for the next one on reviewing the entire translation project, and making your first translation contribution in a particular language.

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