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Add a new language in Transifex (managers)

by liz | October 26, 2016 19:47 26 Oct 19:47 | #13653 | #13653

This activity is for managers of Public Lab's Transifex project. Please leave a comment if you would like to help manage this project. By the end of this activity, you will know how to respond for requests for new languages so that new contributors can join in the language of their choice.

1. When logged in, look on the far right of the language page ( for the small green dot next to "requested":image description

2. In the popup window, notice the line for Requested, and click the grey circle so that it turns green.

image description

3. Then, click the blue button "Apply"

image description

4. The language page will refresh and you will see the new language listed, probably with a helpful warning at the top that no one who has yet joined the team knows how to speak that language:

image description

5. This will trigger an email to be sent to the person who requested the new language, giving them an opportunity to join the translation team for that language:

image description

6. Now, managers, go the extra mile and get back in touch with the person who originally requested the language (perhaps they left a comment here?) and learn about their interests!

7. This is the end of this activity, if you are a manager look out for other project management tips.

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