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oblique rig for gopro

by liz | May 06, 2016 22:33 06 May 22:33 | #13085 | #13085

I'm sharing one of Eymund's oblique rigs, this one takes advantage of the unique shape of a 52 fl oz. "Bolthouse Farms bottle" to snugly grip a GoPro. It was made some years ago so the bottles might be different now.

  1. See how the upper back of this bottle shape really wants to become an oblique camera housing?


  1. put a bolt and nut through the attachment hole on the GoPro case, and through a piece of metal pipe strap (ideally reclaimed from the Gowanus watershed or your industrial watershed of choice)


  1. the metal pipe strap comes out through a slit cut in the plastic bottle


  1. Pick up some other discarded wires and twist-tie the pipe strap together on the back


  1. looking up through the bottom of the rig to see a hole drilled in a cap, and a string passing through


  1. the ends of a loop of string were poked through the hole in the bottle cap, then each end was poked back out through a hole (well, two holes, really) on opposite sides of the bottleneck. These ends were wrapped and tied.


  1. while holding the string the rig hangs at a nice stable oblique angle


  1. close up of the top of the shape of the bottle as it was cut to snug around the top of the GoPro case



is there any spin control, like wings? I'd expect it to rotate around the single attachement point.

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