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Food grade oil samples

by liz | March 13, 2014 14:49 13 Mar 14:49 | #10167 | #10167

What I want to do

Prepare simple, food grade oil samples to use to explore oil spectral analysis. These will be used in Sunday's "spec-tacular" workshop in Brooklyn.

My attempt and results

I used three sterile, flat-sided, glass bottles and poured one kind of oil in each: olive oil, soybean oil, sesame oil.

Questions and next steps

The sesame oil is toasted, wondering how that might affect its spectrum.

Why I'm interested

This is a non-toxic way to begin exploring the spectral analysis of oils. Also i foresee that a shared methodology could develop between the identification of oil as an environmental contaminant and the detention of fraudulent oils sold for human consumption (more of an issue internationally than in the US).


Liz - you may have to dilute these in mineral oil to get the laser to shine through. There'll be a "how dark" step in the guide eventually...

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