Public Lab Research note - a dashboard for monitoring and sharing

by liz | January 10, 2017 16:31 10 Jan 16:31 | #13849 | #13849

Just saw a great presentation yesterday at EPA's Region 2 Citizen Science Forum by Amy Gottsegen of Drexel University (Gwen Ottinger's student) on CMU's CREATE Lab is also involved but i'm not sure how the project is structured.

  • There's a timelapse video which you can browse by calendar as well as timeline, and there's additional controls like zooming in and out.
  • scrolling the video's timeline also controls the position and zoom level shown in graphs of air quality sensors, in this case, they have a few Specks installed.

It is open source:

They've made a tour of their dashboard that is super helpful:

Shenango Channel Tour from CREATE Lab on Vimeo.


@DMerwitz @marlokeno @stevie @bkleist @cfastie - just thought you'd be interested to see this effort -- great use of timelapse to monitor smokestacks.

How are folks timelapses going?

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Hi Liz, do any of the creators have public lab usernames? I'd love to learn more about the uploading process and whether other groups could use this tool for their own image sets. It look like perhaps you have to download the gigapan app or potentially pay for a gigapan membership?

This is such a great way to share a time-lapse and be able to browse it.

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Also talking with a bunch of the folks who've been working on this and wanted to add a link to this customized version focused on Bay Area:

Via Amy Gottsegen and Gwen Ottinger. Liz had showed this to me but wanted to remember the link.

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@warren i'm not sure if any of the Shenango Channel contributors have Public Lab usernames. Glad you are building bridges between these kindred but perhaps not well-connected networks!

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To give credit where credit is due: Shenango Channel was developed by the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, in collaboration with Allegheny County Clean Air Now (ACCAN). Amy and I (Fair Tech Collective) have built on their work to create Air Watch Bay Area.

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