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Towards a standard diamond kite kit

by lfamular | July 18, 2012 17:35 18 Jul 17:35 | #2865 | #2865

Here are some ideas for making a standard diamond kite kit. The goal is a kite that beginners can build and fly without much frustration.

Integrating the dihedral angle into the sail

The necessary dihedral angle can be introduced to the kite by sewing or taping the kite sail together along an angled or curved edge from two panels.

In order for two flat sail panels to join along a curved line, the plane of the panel must buckle and become curved. Instead of using a tensioning line to pull the bow and sail into a dihedral shape, we can build the dihedral into the sail. The bow's dihedral is created by using a bow that is longer than the distance between the sail pockets.

This will probably be easier to build than using the tensioning line, and require fewer parts and steps. Builders will already have to the cut the sail. This will only add a few cuts. It will also allow the use of smaller pieces of sail material, i.e. scraps.

Matching kite sizes to kite materials

Ojbects that fly using lift

People will make their kites out of whatever materials are most convenient to them. We should publish a set of kite plans in different sizes that are suitable for the weight of the materials.

wing loading is the loaded weight of the aircraft divided by the area of the wing

Using ratios to simplify measurement

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This is great -- thanks for posting!!! 😄

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