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Talk science to me - Kenny and Don audtion for Public Lab TV

by laurenrae | November 24, 2014 15:35 24 Nov 15:35 | #11398 | #11398

What I want to do

Help non-scientists understand what goes on behind the scenes in Public Lab.

My non-scientist boyfriend came by the hackathon to see what I've been spending my entire Saturday working on. To get a better understanding of why we're working on the Riffle and other public lab tools, Don explains to Kenny many many things over the course of this 25 minutes video. We probably could have gone on an hour, but my hand was starting to go numb.

Apologies for the volume on this video. Sometimes its very loud (like my voice) or very quiet (when Don gets really serious). You might want to hook up speakers to hear everything.

My attempt and results

Kenny thought this sit-down discussion was really helpful and informative. Don and Kenny kicked around ideas about doing a podcast where scientists/engineers and non-scientists discuss public lab projects together.

Questions and next steps

Matt - ready to set the Public Lab TV studio back up? Let's make some movies!

Why I'm interested

What's citizen science worth if citizens don't understand how to use it?


Note - if you tried to watch this and the video isn't working, check back in an hour. I have to go to class so I didn't have time to wait for it to process.

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Love the podcast idea (with proper mics!).

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