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Field Test of First Prototype of Kayak Towable Thermal Fishing Bob Rig

by kgrevera | May 22, 2015 23:10 22 May 23:10 | #11831 | #11831

Field Test of First Prototype of Kayak Towable Thermal Fishing Bob Rig


I am working with Professor Sara Wylie from Northeastern University to further develop the thermal fishing bob. A common issue with the rig as it was initially designed was that the bobs would tend to submerge and take water damage. So, to deal with this issue we make a floating rig from a child's pool floatie. This is the first field test of that rig.

Research Questions

  • How do I sufficiently waterproof the thermal fishing bobs? We used waterproof tape wrapped tightly around the seam between the fishing bob's base and lid. A dab of hot glue waterproofed the opening the thermistor penetrated through.
  • What is the best way to take long exposure photos with the technology I have access to? We wound up using "Slow Shutter", an iPhone 5 app with adjustable shutter speed. It allowed for an exposure of up to 60 seconds. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who needs to take long exposure photos.


We took the the prototype down to a dock on the Charles River, very close to MIT's campus. For this first test we did not use a kayak, we just pulled it manually. Sara Wylie set the rig in the water and pulled it along behind her as she walked along the dock. I stood a few yards away with my iPhone camera and took a long exposure photo as she walked towards me.


Overall the first test was a success. The rig held together nicely and very little water leaked in so water damage was thoroughly avoided. The long exposure app "Slow Shutter" worked fantastically. We will still need to retest though due to it not being quite dark enough to see the LED clearly and a second unexpected factor, the water in the Charles River was surprisingly warm so our temperature range was inaccurate.

Next Steps

Retest later at night to get a better view of the LED's and recalibrate the fishing bobs for a wider temperature range.





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