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GSOC 2020 Week 8 (coding Period Week-4)@Spam Management Dashboard

by keshav_sethi0004 | June 29, 2020 17:58 29 Jun 17:58 | #24062 | #24062

This week(coding period week 4) I worked on a few filters on the Spam management dashboard and improved UI as well.

I have added a will_pagination gem on all the pages of the spam management dashboard for faster load. I have divided all the nodes into batches of 100 where a moderator can moderate 100 nodes at a time. This will reduce useless loading and improve moderation experience.

ezgif com-crop (3)

You can find this in following PR

Here You can find some new UI changes as well.

This week I also worked on Digest settings where moderators can choose digest timings from the notification settings page.

Screenshot from 2020-06-22 18-50-06

Screenshot from 2020-06-22 18-49-51

Next week I am planning to work on Queue and Flag posts. I will also work on some tests and UI for digests as well.

The following are the Screenshots of the Latest version of Spam management Dashboard

image descriptionimage description

You can find my overall progress at

and list of my major PRs at

Thanks for reading.


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