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Internal Image of Desktop Spectrometer with "Gum Stick" Camera

by kbollhorst | April 30, 2015 11:57 30 Apr 11:57 | #11775 | #11775

I have posted an image of the "gum stick" camera version of the desktop spectrometer. I wish to add 2 additional notes regarding assembly of the camera.

  1. I spray painted the front half of the housing with flat black paint in order to reduce stray light reflections.
  2. Regarding the fabrication of a diffraction grating from a DVD-R, I have the following comments:
    • The DVD-R included in the kit could not be used for it had scratches over 90% of the DVD-R surface. In addition, said DVD was covered in dirt and adhesive. I used on my own DVDs.
    • One cannot reliably remove the dye on the delaminated DVD bottom layer using water or dishsoap + warm water with agitation. I worked for 2 hours on one DVD-R with no results.
    • The best method for removing the dye from the DVD bottom layer is via the use of reagent grade isopropanol with a clean room wipe. Wet the clean room wipe with the isopropanol and gently swipe the diffraction layer surface with the wipe. DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE! This method will enable you to remove the dye in less than 5 minutes.
    • Regarding the aluminum layer, I found that HP DVD-R's and Verbatim DVD-Rs will not leave the aluminum layer on the diffraction grating layer when splitting/delaminating the DVD-R.


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