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Rain Garden and Runoff

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Lusher Charter School in New Orleans, LA has problems with an excess of water runoff.

Our main concern:

We need a rain garden in order to reduce the amount of flooding around campus. We also need it in order to reduce the amount of water flowing into our city's storm drains.

Obstacles and supporting information:

Currently, we need to figure out the best location for a rain garden. In order to find this out, we need to first find out if there are any areas on campus that have electrical wires or pipes hidden underground. We also need to observe where the largest amount of water ends up. These two pieces of information will help us determine the best place for our rain garden. The only way that water runoff is dealt with is with storm drains, which are often ineffective in removing the water off of the streets.

Who is engaged in this concern?

There are various organizations and establishments around New Orleans who are building rain gardens to reduce runoff in their areas. Organizations like Water Wise Gulf South have published information about water management in the Greater New Orleans Area.

What are the initial questions?

What parts of the Lusher campus have the most water runoff?

Where is the best place for a rain garden?

Where are the powerlines and pipes underground?

What kind of plants are needed for the rain garden?

What other materials are needed for the rain garden?



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