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Hazy 3/28/22

by junior_walk1337 | March 28, 2022 22:43 28 Mar 22:43 | #30195 | #30195

Here we have a view of Lexington coal company's Crescent #2 permit.

Lexington Coal Company can't seem to muster the equipment or will to comply with their reclamation obligations at the north end of the Twilight complex, but they have no problem blasting at the south end when they were specifically told not to. They don't even try to meet the most basic requirements, like publishing a blasting notice in the newspaper. But that notice doesn't protect the people who live within the range of carcinogenic silica dust clouds these explosions release. This complex is 12 square miles, running six miles north and south and over three miles east and west. Lexington won't comply with the consent orders they've requested and agreed to, and at the Crescent #2 permit they've run up multiple patterns of violation since March 29, 2021. That includes blatant damage to Matt's Creek. It's almost as if Lexington Coal Company is daring the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection to withdraw their permits. We believe that those permits should be withdrawn.


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