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Birchton, WV 1/5/22

by junior_walk1337 | January 05, 2022 22:45 05 Jan 22:45 | #28623 | #28623

The lighting wasn't perfect for this flight, but you can see a massive valley fill directly over the Coal river. Toward the end of the video you can see a retaining pond across that train trestle directly next to the river.


Wow, great images. Would this by chance be the same site as this balloon map from 10 yrs ago?

Gosh that was a long time ago! I wonder if you can see specific changes over 10y by comparing.

Amazing work! ❤️

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Thank you! Oh wow, I had no idea you all did balloon mapping down in this area before actually. This spot is roughly a mile away from where that balloon map is.

Not too many maps, but as part of the summit at Jim Wiley's place in I think 2010? It was when we were just figuring out balloon mapping, actually. You can see a couple more in the general region at

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This is maybe a weird idea, but have you ever seen someone send a drone up attached to a balloon? I wonder if you could steer it a bit, but even if not, if maybe you could cut it loose and the drone could return home from a super high altitude.

Anyways i appreciate your work here!

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That's very cool. If the summit you're referring to at Wiley's was a mountain justice camp then I was totally there.

I actually just shot a video today of the Edwight permit/Shumate slurry dam which is indeed the area that y'all mapped. Here it is -

I'm honestly pretty conservative about what all I do with the drone, as I've only got one, they're fairly expensive, and I destroyed one before when I was still learning how they work. That said, the idea probably would work, but there are regulations around how high you're really allowed to go with them.

Thank you! I appreciate that you've done some work around the issue as well!

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