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Public Lab calls for the immediate removal of Richard Stallman

by jmacha | March 25, 2021 16:18 25 Mar 16:18 | #26027 | #26027

Statement from Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science:

March 25, 2021

Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (Public Lab) condemns the inappropriate and dangerous behavior of Richard Stallman and his unqualified reinstatement to the Free Software Foundation (FSF) Board of Directors. Public Lab supports the statement written by Software Freedom Conservancy in September 2019.

As of Monday, 22 March 2021, the Free Software Foundation has reinstated Richard Stallman to the FSF Board of Directors. In light of Stallman's reinstatement, Public Lab renounces the award the organization received from the FSF in 2017.

While Public Lab has never received funding from FSF, as long as FSF allows Stallman to hold a leadership position within the foundation, Public Lab cannot in good conscience hold an award or foster a relationship with a foundation that condones Stallman's behavior.

Public Lab is deeply disappointed that FSF has not taken action regarding Stallman's inappropriate behavior. We are seriously concerned for the safety of our shared community, as Stallman's reinstatement signals that sexual harassment and sexual violence against women is tolerated by FSF. Their actions of reinstating Stallman's leadership may result in more women being exposed to this abhorrent behavior.

Public Lab calls on FSF to revoke their reinstatement of Stallman to their Board of Directors immediately. We encourage FSF to begin the process of rebuilding their trust within the free software community, in particular with the women and other individuals who look to FSF for integrity, safety, and leadership in this space.

To support this effort, you can join the collective call to action by signing onto this open letter calling for Stallman's removal from all leadership positions.


Thank you for this. It is long overdue.

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