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The weTable and CHARM

by jacobsimonson | October 19, 2011 18:59 19 Oct 18:59 | #510 | #510

Texas Sea Grant and the Texas Coastal Watershed Program have just published a detailed fact sheet on the "weTable". The weTable is a powerful adaptation of some very simple technology to produce a highly interactive platform for stakeholder participation. The weTable was pioneered by Placematters and Placeways--we just gave it a very cool name. The pdf available on the referenced page appears to be the most detailed description of how to put a weTable together.

There is also a link to our CHARM page--the model that made the weTable sing. The model is developed on a CommunityViz/ARCGIS platform, and enables coastal citizens to play with fairly complex scenarios involving coastal hazards and resources CHARM stands for Community Health and Resource Managment.

John Jacob


I got to see a demonstration of CHARM last month -- what an amazing application! One of the best uses of the DIY touchtable to date.

Thanks for the reference to PlaceMatters, BTW. Here is the link to our post on this website providing pointers on how to build your own touchtable.

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