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Follow up — Group 2 Water Sample Results

by jacktemp | September 30, 2014 20:44 30 Sep 20:44 | #11210 | #11210

Group 2 — Results

Our, which are posted on youtube here ,in this project surprised us.

We expected that Sample A, from Jamaica Pond, would be the most conductive/polluted, but it was actually less conductive than the Charles. The water from this sample was green, filled with algae, and smelled badly. In our research, we found that sewage had been drained into Jamaica Pond in recent years, so this also supported our hypothesis. We predicted that Sample B, from Leverett Pond, would be the least conductive — it looked clean and clear.

When we ran the tests, it seemed as though Sample C, the Charles River, had the highest conductivity. This is also surprising, because we expected that be cleaner. The EPA rates this as an A.

However, there may be some misleading results because two of our samples, A and B, are from fresh water sources, while Sample C is from salt water. The salinity of the water may have affected the conductivity.


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