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Minetest safe digital polluted areas

by imvec | March 08, 2018 10:47 08 Mar 10:47 | #15887 | #15887

What we want to do

Develop some safe areas inside the Minetest game to learn about pollution events with kids. Then think and build solutions.

Our attempt and results

We're setting up a private server and organizing meetings to investigate the potential of the voxel engines like Minetest or Minecraft to let children get close to high contaminated areas like landfills, refineries, open pits... We want to focus on detection, monitoring and further imagining and building solutions for each environmental concern. The potential of the voxel engines is awesome.

Questions and next steps

We are now testing some toxic stuff within the game and setting up a private server at (nothing there by now). Next step will be organizing a meeting with our children and friends to test the first map and games/dynamics like "dump and seek" (in the images)

Why we're interested

We want to investigate the potential of inmersive gaming in didactic processes related to environmental concerns and pollution events.

Dump and seek screenshots. Screenshot_from_2018-03-06_21-03-37.png Screenshot_from_2018-03-06_21-11-33.png Screenshot_from_2018-03-06_21-11-55.png Screenshot_from_2018-03-06_21-31-56.png


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