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Bio Ceramic System

by ikerluna | October 22, 2013 13:27 22 Oct 13:27 | #9524 | #9524

Hello my name is Iker Luna, I am master programme student at IAAC in Barcelona, and working a in research project Bio Ceramic System. This research describes a studio experiment developed with the aim of exploring the bio receptivity of the ceramics taking advantage of porosity of the material that allows it to retain water and using natural fibers as complement elements to benefits other properties.

What I want to do

I modified a Cannon PowerShot A810 hd. (68 euros) following and reading examples with other similar model . It was pretty easy but I need to admit that I was missing 2 screw at the end but it work well. I also use the #2007 blue filter.


My attempt and results

I want to use NIR/NDVI to study the growing of moss in ceramic samples. Now Im using QGIS to post edit the image and is working very well. I also took some image to parks tree and a plant to see if the filter was working well.

Questions and next steps

Im interesting to make also an automatic definition to post process the images using Rhino3D and Grasshopper. If I can get it I will post some files in the future.




Interesting. what biological elements are you looking to grow on the ceramic? I'm reminded of Olla irrigation with unglazed pots

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