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thermal flashlight env+tech_neu_2014

by iferrerb | November 17, 2014 16:09 17 Nov 16:09 | #11357 | #11357

Jordi Ariel Lotito, Isabella Ferrer, Emily Krebs IMG_4355.JPG

What I want to do

We wanted to see how we could get a full range of light within the apartment, and with the pre-set conditions of the flashlight.

My attempt and results

We went into a dark bathroom to take pictures of the color variations in the flashlight. We were having a hard time getting the color to change, even when held up to something with a more extreme temperature, so we had to blow directly onto the flashlight to warm it up. It turns out that we did not cut open a second hole in the front of our box for the sensor so it was not able to detect thermal changes as easily.

Questions and next steps

Why didn't we see the light changing? - We had the sensor covered and our the room temperature was outside of the range set on the flashlight.

Why I'm interested

This could be used to explore changes in temperature at different ocean depths, or at increasing distances from factory air space. IMG_4356.JPG




Thanks for sharing your project! Particularly the easily made error of covering up sensor. It's a great reminder to the rest of us!

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