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Oil Pollution in Audubon Park Lagoon

by icyhg03 , jeanell873 | September 19, 2019 14:35 19 Sep 14:35 | #20927 | #20927


At Audubon Park, we have a major problem of oil pollution in the lagoon. Oil is somehow getting into the lagoon affecting the wildlife in a negative way. This causes a depletion in the amount of animals that live in the lagoon.

Our Main Concern:

Our goal is to try to figure out where the oil is coming from and how the oil affects the wildlife (plants and animals) in the lagoon.

Obstacles and Supporting Information:

The lagoon is located on a busy street, which means that more oil from the vehicles is running off into the lagoon everyday.It will also be hard for us to figure out the exact effects that oil has on the wildlife in the lagoon.

Who is engaged in this concern:

No organization that we know of is actively engaged in helping to solve the problem of oil pollution in the Audubon Park lagoon.

What are the intinital questions:

  • What type of oil is in the water?
  • How does the oil affect the environment?
  • How does oil get into the lagoon?

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